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Chandler National Little League staffs umpires for the AA, AAA, Majors, Juniors & Seniors Divisions. Our umpires have received training by AZ LL District 13 staff. Many CNLL umpires work for other organizations as well and have experience officiating baseball up to the college level.

Balls/Strikes, Fair/Foul, Safe/Out calls are judgments by the umpires on the field and are not up for discussion or argument by coaches/players or spectators. And many of our umpires are teenagers doing the very best they can and do not have an interest in who wins/loses a game. If you have any questions regarding CNLL Umpires, please contact CNLL’s Umpire in Chief.

Chandler National Little League is always looking to introduce new people into the world of umpiring. We are the largest and most prestigious Little League organization in Arizona. We have been to the Little League World Series twice and we are the only Little League in Arizona to accomplish that feat.

We have a rigorous curriculum to become a CNLL umpire. You must complete a mechanics clinic co-sponsored by CNLL and District 13. It is an all-day event held at one of the local baseball facilities like Snedigar or Nazomi Sports Complexes. You must successfully pass an extensive rules test administered by our Umpire-In-Chief. Minimum age is 13 years-old as of the opening day of the current season.

So, if you are an existing umpire looking for a new challenge or a just someone who would like to become an umpire, contact CNLL UIC Bill Siebler at for additional information.

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