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CNLL’s AAA Division consists of 9, 10, & 11 year old kids. Players must attend a try out where skills are assessed. 9 & 10 year old kids that tryout is not guaranteed a spot in the AAA Division. Any player in the “AA”, “AAA” or Majors divisions that does not participate in tryouts is not eligible to be drafted and will be a “hat-pick” which means the player’s name will be drawn from a hat at the end of the draft by a manger to fill his roster. Fundamental skills are stressed, and more advanced strategy and baseball skills are taught. Mandatory play rules are enforced. There is a post-season tournament at the end of the season. 9 & 10 yr. old kids in the AAA Division are eligible for All-Stars. 11’s are eligible for the 11 year old All-Stars.


Dana Dehesa – Cubs
Jacobe Humphreys – Dbacks
Ed Kus – Rockies
Colin Matheson – White Sox
Angel Sanchez – Royals
Dave Savage – Pirates
Chris Schuld – Red Sox

Standing & Schedules

This page will be updated every Sunday throughout the season. The standings are contingent upon the managers reporting their scores to the Division Director.

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Playoff Bracket

AAA Playoff Bracket

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