Juniors Divison


CNLL’s Juniors Division consists of 13 & 14 year old kids. This division is a function of Little League, but at the next level. Players are introduced to and play on full size diamonds. Bases are 90’ distance apart and the pitching mound is 60’ from home plate. Rules also change as lead-offs, steals and pitcher balks come into play. Mandatory play is enforced. There is a post-season tournament at the end of the season. An All Star Tournament team is chosen at the end of the season and participate in District, State, Regional and World Series play.


  • Jeff Thiel
  • Carmine Manfredi
  • Nick Enoch
  • Brandon Adama
  • Mike Johnston

Standing & Schedules

This page will be updated every Sunday throughout the season. The standings are contingent upon the managers reporting their scores to the Division Director.

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