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CNLL’s Majors Division consists of 11 & 12-year-old kids. All new kids in the Majors Division must attend a tryout where skills are assessed. Every 12-year-old kid that registers with CNLL (by draft day) will be drafted or placed on a Majors team. ALL PLAYERS INCLUDING RETURNING MAJORS MUST attend a try-out. Any player in the “AA”, “AAA” or Majors divisions that does not participate in tryouts is not eligible to be drafted and will be a “hat-pick” which means the player’s name will be drawn from a hat at the end of the draft by a manger to fill his roster. Fundamental skills are stressed, and more advanced strategy and baseball skills are taught. Games are fast-paced and highly competitive. Mandatory play is enforced. There is a post-season tournament at the end of the season. All 11 & 12-year-old kids in the Majors Division are eligible for Little League All-Stars Tournament Play.


Charles Bell – Royals
Clayton Brady – Braves
Doug Brewster – DBacks
Kevin Cavazos – Giants
Ben Chandler – Padres
Rich Cruz – Angels
Michael Estrada – Dodgers
Seth Horrell – Marlins
Jason Howe – A’s
Karl Klingenberg – Orioles
Jake Massa – Rockies

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