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CNLL’s AA Division consists of kids who are league-ages 8, 9, & 10. Players must attend our evaluations, where their skills are assessed by team managers, allowing them to be eligible for the draft. League-age 8-year-old kids that are evaluated are not guaranteed a spot in the AA Division as the number of league-age 8-year-olds that can be moved up from the A division is limited. Any player in the “AA”, “AAA” or Majors divisions that do not participate in the evaluations is not eligible to be drafted and will be a “hat-pick,” which means the player’s name will be drawn from a hat by a manager to fill his roster. Fundamental skills are stressed, but games move at a faster pace, and game strategies are taught. Mandatory play is enforced. There is a post-season tournament at the end of the season.

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