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CNLL’s A Ball Division consists of 7 & 8-year-old kids. Basic skills are coached, refined, and stressed. Up to two coaches are on the field during games to encourage and instruct players. At this level, players are taught to hit pitched balls by coaches only. Players are taught game basics and prepare to play at a faster pace. Official standings are not kept. Mandatory play is enforced. Participation in post-season play is optional.


Vince Cerami – Angels
Josh Darley – Dodgers
RC Gile – Cardinals
Ryan Harris – Orioles
Robert Jones – Yankees
Casey Kaczmarek – Nationals
Tony Mahlmeister – Cubs
Francisco Martinez – Marlins
Teddy Pattock – Dbacks
Holly Rodriguez – Red Sox
Mitch Schrader – A’s
Vince Zanzucchi – Brewers

Schedule and Standings

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Playoff Bracket

  A Playoff Bracket

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