CNLL family,

Player evaluations are this week at Snedigar Sportsplex for league ages 9-12. Here are the details that you and your athlete(s) need to know.

  1. To ensure you attend at the correct time, we have attached a chart that shows the little league age of your child (which may not necessarily be the same as the age of your child today).  This league age reflects the age Little league considers your child.  The evaluation time for the appropriate league age is the time your child needs to attend.
  2. Players should expect to be fielding baseballs, swinging at baseballs, and running, so should bring appropriate equipment and dress appropriately.  If they bring their own bat, it must be a little league-approved bat (per item 1 above).
  3. Player evaluations are for players league age 9-12 (and if an 8-year-old wants to be considered for AA Kid pitch).  Otherwise, League age 8-year-olds will be put on a coach pitch, A Division team.  Rookie and A division rosters are assigned by the player agent.
  4. If you cannot make this Saturday’s player evaluation, there will be a make-up one on Saturday, February 12. If a player is not able to make either of these evaluations, they will be randomly assigned to a team. They will not be eligible to be drafted by a particular manager.

If you have any player evaluation questions, please contact

Player Evaluations for Juniors Divison

  1. For players league ages 13 – 14 that will be playing in our Juniors Division, evaluations are on Friday 2/11 at Nozomi Park (Arrival 6 pm, evaluation 6:30 pm).  Nozomi is located near the 202 San Tan and Kyrene.
  2. If people have questions on bats that can be used for Juniors Division (for tryouts and the season, please go to  In short, USA-stamped bats with specific sizes identified. BBCOR and single-piece wood barrel bats can be used for the Juniors Division.

If you have specific questions for the Juniors division, please contact playeragent@chandernational.comand