AA, AAA, Major and Junior families,

You will find the All-Star commitment forms on the All-Stars page.

For players league age 8-12, who meet residency eligibility requirements, and have played in at least 60% of their regular season games, they are eligible to be considered for the 10U, 11U or 12U All-Star teams.

There will be a parent meeting to address potential questions, on May 14, at 10am, at Snedigar park (by Snack Shack).  If your child is interested in being considered, they should complete the commitment form and submit to Doug Brewster (president@chandlernational.com), Jason Howe (vicepresident@chandlernational.com), or Dianna Thompson (playeragent@chandlernational.com)  but no later than the 5/14 parent meeting.

If you have not submitted the form, it is in your best interest to submit as early as possible, to give the All-Star managers an opportunity to observe kids during the end of their season games and tournament.

There is a financial commitment for those who do make their teams.  $125 pays for a portion of uniforms.  There could also be additional team costs, if the team does not have enough sponsorship funding to cover various team expenses.  There also could be travel costs associated with State Tournament participation.

All Star evaluation will take place on May 31 at Snedigar:

  • 10U North 5:00pm-7:30pm on Field 7
  • 10U South 5:00pm-7:30pm on Field 8
  • 11U North 7:30pm-9:30pm on Field 10
  • 11U South 7:30pm-9:30pm on Field 9
  • 12U North 7:30pm-9:30pm on Field 7
  • 12U South 7:30pm-9:30pm on Field 8

All-Star teams are announced by June 1st at 10am and will be posted on the CNLL website at www.chandlernational.com.

All-Star uniforms will be handed out June 1st, and times will be published for each specific team between 5:30pm and 9:00pm at Snedigar park.

Officially, All-Star team practices will start June 6th, but managers can start earlier if they wish.

District 13 tournament (CNLL teams compete against Chandler American LL, Ahwatukee LL, Tempe South LL, Rio Salado LL, and Tempe Guadalupe LL)

10U-12U games will take place at the Tempe Sports Complex on June 27th (Kyrene between Warner and Elliott Roads). Juniors games will take place at Nozomi (Kyrene and the South 202).

District winners will go on to compete in the AZ state tournament. Last year we had a team from each division represent CNLL at the state tournament!

If any All-Star questions, please contact Doug Brewster at president@chandlernational.com or at 602-326-8049.

Good luck this summer!

Jason McDonnell
CNLL Secretary
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